Jillian is our newest LOLA Ambassador

November 17th, 2011

I don't remember how I got to Team LOLA, but I am so glad I did! I have never been a runner, or so I thought. The first day I showed up at the track I was wearing old, ill fitting, beat up shoes and a cotton tee with a pair of yoga pants. Ready to go! I ran half way around the track and then walked the rest. I don't think I made it around the track once that day. I remember thinking, I'm just not a runner. At the end of the workout, Coach Kim was very supportive and just said to me "Hey, you're here and it's time on your feet. You did it!". I was struggling but she was right - who cares if I couldn't run the whole way! I kept telling myself to 'just show up' and whatever happened was better than nothing. The next time I may have made it around the track once and each time I came I could do a little more. Some days were great and some were a real struggle, but I always felt amazing after I was finished. I had no expectations for myself at first and I believe that is what has kept me going. One year later, I feel like a different person. I have run a 1/2 marathon and the Ragnar Relay (a 36 hour, 200 mile running race with other amazing Team Lola women.) I am amazed at what I have accomplished in such a short time. And I have also gotten back in the pool, after decades of being away from the water, for swim workouts with LOLA which I love! Thank you Kim for believing in me and reminding me to do the same. Thank you Team LOLA for all of your love and support.

Lucy (LOLA Girls Mill Valley) our newest LOLA Ambassador

May 19th, 2011

Lucy's story as told by her mom, Amy.

"We are so proud of Lucy and are very excited that this door has opened for her. She just completed her first session of LOLA, and found that running is something she loves, is good at, and makes her feel great! She thoroughly enjoyed the process and along the way, gained confidence and pride. I (Mom) have been running for many years, but lately it has been so routine that I have neglected to push myself. Running with Lucy lately has been an eye opener. Her pace is a bit faster than my normal pace, and I am completely inspired to break out of my pattern and push myself. It is a great feeling to be inspired by your 10 year old daughter!

Lucy and I ran out first 5k together recently. We finished well and had a great time doing it. We are looking forward to our next race and are committed to finishing even stronger next time.

Lucy loved her experience at LOLA, and was very sad to find out that she had to wait until the fall for her next session. We are all grateful to Coach Kim & LOLA for helping Lucy, and many others, discover this new found love."

Kate Baker ( LOLA Girls SF team) is our newest ambassador

February 8th, 2011

Here is Kate's story as told by her dad, Nicholas.

Kate is half way through second grade, and although her ideal day is one spent indoors on art projects, she can be tempted outside by various sports, including tennis, swimming, soccer and of course running.

Although initially a little daunted at the thought of training for a 5k, Kate enjoyed LOLA right away since she was running with other friends, and had fun learning about nutrition with her LOLA coach. She started out somewhat slow, but after a few weeks was pushing herself through the urge to walk, and gradually became one of the faster girls in the group. If asked, she would say that her favourite aspects of LOLA are the warmup Q & A games, and of course the supermarket dash, but she also enjoyed explaining proper form to her parents, and out-pacing them whenever possible.

A great deal of running is a mind game, so it's wonderful to see Kate learning proper motivational technique within a highly supportive group, running as a team but building individual strength - it's the perfect foundation for any athlete.

She is very much looking forward to the next season, particularly as more school friends will be joining her this time.

Cathy Peterson is our new Ambassador

September 27th, 2010

We are so proud of Cathy for making lifestyle changes, losing weight and setting a fitness goal for herself. She is currently on our LOLA Ladies team training for her first half marathon! Way to go Cathy!

Here is her story:

It was time to let go of the battle I had been fighting off and on for way too many years so that I could lead the healthy life I thought I was living. I needed to sync my image of how I thought I was living with reality that I was not living a healthy lifestyle.

On December 12, 2009 I signed up for Weight Watchers, bought a Weight Watchers cookbook and cooked a new recipe almost each day for the next six weeks. I followed the Weight Watchers guide of eat better, exercise more, track what you eat and go to meetings. It works.

By February I wanted something more and kept thinking I want to run.

I spoke with Kim about all of my quirks and worries about running without any of the pain that had stopped my running attempts in the past. I started with the beginner “Ready Set Start” program on my birthday and have never looked back. I am in my third LOLA session training for the Big Sur Half Marathon in November. I run three times a week (without pain).

LOLA creates a wonderful, encouraging and supportive environment so I am now running further and faster than I thought I would. I have found that I love to run on trails instead of fearing them. I am grateful to be a member of the LOLA team. Each member brings something different to the team and it has been a delight to meet and run with each person. Running as a team is easier and more fun than trying to run on my own.

Now, my reality is better than what I had imagined it to be.

Our First Team LOLA Ambassador is Sue Ellen Speight!

April 29th, 2010

Sue Ellen is our very first 'LOLA Ambassador'. Her daughter first joined the LOLA Girls program in March 2009. Then, she joined the LOLA Ladies Ready, Set, START! Program in May 2009. Her first race was the Kennedy Drive 8k in SF. After completing her initial program, she joined the Fall Ladies 2009 Program! Since then daughter and mother continue to participate in programs, races, fund-raisers and events. Even her husband supports Team LOLA at the activities! Sue Ellen is enthusiastic, encouraging, supportive and motivating, all of the things that we at Team LOLA value. Congratulations Sue Ellen! We love your spirit.