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The LOLA Story

It was not long after Mill Valley nutritionist Kim Juarez gave birth to her fourth child that the Health and Fitness expert decided to get Marin moving. The result is her company LOLA (Living Our Lives Actively) which offers nutrition education, running and fitness programs in the Bay Area (Marin, San Francisco, East Bay).

Kim, a triathlete, personal trainer, PE Teacher, lecturer and coach has trained over 800 people through her different programs. The privately owned company is the only one of its kind in Marin – and recently expanded to the East Bay.

Kim cares deeply about the increasing need of getting sound nutrition education to families in the face of alarmingly high rates of childhood obesity. She believes nutrition is best learned and supported through physical activity. So instead of sitting people down and lecturing, she gets them moving (and running) with a personal fitness goal in mind, which increases motivation and makes it fun.

As a longtime runner and triathlete and after years of working with individuals, groups and teams, Kim wanted to bring together her own community where kids and adults can learn about good nutrition and get their bodies moving.

LOLA - Living Our Lives Actively was born Spring 2006


Guide People to a Healthier Well-being and Live Their Lives Actively. LOLA educates our members on nutrition, fitness and well-being. We do this by bringing people together to: Improve their health, Accomplish goals and Be a part of a growing fitness community


  • We Provide A Friendly, Non-competitive Environment that promotes a sense of trust and camaraderie.
  • We Support The Individual by educating, coaching, motivating and respecting.
  • We Are Engaged In The Community by participating in non-profit initiatives, activities and donations.
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